Who Is Ioney…?

‘…Skilled and educated across multiple creative disciplines: documentary making, video editing, graphic designing, creative writing and performance poetry. Ioney has a positive forward-thinking attitude towards work and life. When presented with problems, she often creates a plethora of solutions. An entrepreneurial jovial go-getter!’

I established Is Creative Media to weave my many creative threads into one unique fabric. I offer my media services to small business’s, organisations, other creative’s and to charities to produce bespoke promotional videos, to capture an event or to promote a cause.
Email me if you would like to discuss a project: info@is-creative.co.uk

Organisations I’m proud to be affiliated with…

Nottingham Black Archive
The Nottingham Black Archive (NBA) is a community focused organization which aims to promote an awareness of African Caribbean heritage, history and culture in Nottingham. As a Community Outreach Officer and Marketing Director tasks includes devising and facilitating youth workshops, designing marketing material, filming and editing events and utilizing my people skills by liaising with the wider community.

Find out more here:

Culture Box
Culturebox is social enterprise for intercultural learning. There aim is to reduce prejudice and improve understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds by creating spaces for stimulating and meaningful interactions to occur between people who may not otherwise meet. I work with the marketing team in finding creative avenues to promote their activities. Capoeira is one of the workshops that Culture Box advocates. Capoeira Brazilian reaction based movement game involving physical dexterity, rhythm & strategy. I train regularly and often attend and partake in regional and national rodas (games).
Find out more here: http://culturebox.org.uk/
or here: http://capoeiranottingham.org/classes/

Mouthy Poets
Mouthy Poets, the resident performance poetry collective at Nottingham Playhouse meet at weekly workshops not only to write, perform, discuss and challenge poetry but also to organise various poetry lead events such as their bi-annual grand scale poetry phenomenon Say Sum Thin. As one of the first members I am is often relied upon to lead workshops and welcome new members. I offering my media production skills to film and edit Mouthy related promo videos.

Find out more here: https://mouthypoets.wordpress.com/
or here: http://www.facebook.com/MouthyPoets?ref=ts


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