Ciao, tutti bene?…

So my Italian adventure has begun! I landed today, Sunday 14th September and will be based here for the next three months thanks to the Leonardo Di Vinici (LDV) scholarship provided by Language Link and CESFOR.
This scholarship shares similarities with the Nottingham Roosevelt Travel Scholarship that I was awarded earlier this year (I travelled America for three months) as in my flights are paid for, I will be away for three months and it’s a great opportunity!
The differences are, that this scholarship has an emphasis on language and encourages professionals working within the creative and tourism industries to learn a European language. The first week or so I’m here I will be having intensive Italian lessons- and I need them. I have had some private Italian tutoring in the month leading to my departure but hard as i tried, the words went in one ear and came out mangled in the other!The LDV scholarship also sends people to Spain, Portugal, and Belgium (I think!) and those lucky people will have the opportunity to learn those languages.

Another exciting feature of the LDV is that each scholar has a (unpaid) work placement for the duration of the stay. This work placement is linked to the industry the scholar is already involved in, in my case it’s film. I will be based at a film company that specialize in making high end commercials, for companies such as Fiat,BMW and Ford to name a few! They have offices in Rio, Dubai, London, Spain and here in Italy! I’m looking forward to soaking up knowledge and offering some of my Ioney-isms!

I arrived at my quaint humble yet cosey and clean Italian abode where I was met by Gloria, the CESFOR representative who will be mentoring me while I’m here. After a warm welcome she handed me a folder with a map and directions to her office which I will have to find, all by myself tomorrow! (and arrive there nice and early for 9:15) Wish me luck!
Buono notte!


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